Cadet Page


We provide a fun and challenging environment that is free of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gangs. We develop leadership abilities and broaden Cadets’ horizons using hands-on and self-paced training. We guide them to becoming mature young adults whether they decide to join the military or not. For those that choose to join the Navy or Coast Guard, the education and training they receive will help them obtain advanced rates if they enlist. Some other branches also award advanced placement. Participating and excelling in Sea Cadets is also helpful to those who are looking to create an impressive application package for Service Academy and NROTC opportunities.
The best part of being a Sea Cadet are the Advanced Trainings. After you finish a 9-day Recruit Training, you can choose from dozens of Advanced Trainings. Check out the Advanced Trainings section to find out more.

Interested in becoming a cadet? Send us a message via the “Contact Us” page. Already in Scouts, 4H, Boys and Girls Club, or sports? That’s OK, most of our cadets are, too! Just like in the military, you can have other outside interests and hobbies. We just give you one more way to have fun, make new friends, and have new challenges.