Home School / Private School?

Home School/Private School?
Home School and Private School students find Sea Cadets to be a great addition to their education. Why?

It is a great alternative to JROTC classes. If you track your hours, it even counts as a Military Science credits in High School.
An opportunity to meet new friends and have new experiences.
PT (Physical Training) helps offer a good structure for a healthy lifestyle.
Being involved and excelling in a national youth organization looks great on college applications.
Advancement and training you do in Sea Cadets can help you start out at higher pay grades in the military.
It gives participants the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills through training and real world application.

One of the added benefits for Home Schoolers is there are often training and field trip opportunities that come up during the week that cadets can participate in. Home Schoolers can take full advantage of these events.