The Pimiteoui Division will issue surplus Navy uniforms to the cadets. All cadets will be issued uniforms, to the best of our ability and within the uniform supply available to the program from the U.S. Navy. Uniforms may be exchanged throughout the cadet’s participation in the program as cadets grow. Remember that these uniforms are used uniforms and not all sizes are available. Parents are responsible for alterations as needed. If the cadet leaves the program, they must return their uniforms. Not all required items may be issued. The uniforms are outlined in the USNSCC Uniform Manual.

Nametapes/USNSCC Flashes

Nametapes and sea cadet flashes are sewn/velcroed onto uniforms to identify the cadet and that they are part of the U.S. Sea Cadets Corps. Nametapes are strips of material with the cadet’s name embroidered on it. Sea cadet flashes are a special patch sewn on each uniform sleeve. The flash must be one inch from shoulder seam to top of flash and centered on the sleeve. Cadets are issued one complete set of nametapes for their uniforms. As uniforms are exchanged, the nametapes are carefully removed from the uniforms being turned in and sewn onto the newly issued uniforms.

Grooming Standards

Good grooming and personal appearance instills pride and self-confidence in U.S. Naval Sea Cadets.
All cadets are expected to be clean and well groomed at all times. Uniforms are expected to be clean and pressed with all patches and nametapes attached securely in the proper position. Your cadet will be taught grooming customs and traditions early so they may move into the regular unit with as little disruption as possible. You can help by being aware of the following grooming standards and reminding your son or daughter that these are the grooming expectations while in uniform.


• Hair must be short, above ears, no sideburn and no facial hair. Nails trimmed even with end of finger and clean.
• No earrings to be worn, a religious medal may be worn if is is not visible.


• Hair must not fall below the bottom of the collar. if long, it must be put up and pinned flat against the head. Ponytails are not allowed in dress uniforms.
• Braids if worn must be free of beads or any decorative items.
• Hairpins should match the hair color.
• Unnatural colors are not allowed.
• Makeup should be light and natural looking if worn.
• If jewelry is worn, it is limited to one ring per hand and earrings are one pair of silver ball earrings only.
• A religious medal may be worn if not visible.
• Fingernails may not be more than ¼ inch past the end of finger.
• The use of light and natural nail polish is acceptable.